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  • Title Slide:
    Title of Presentation, Author(s) Name(s), Organization/Affiliation
  • Closing Slide:
    Title of Presentation, Author(s) Name(s), Organization/Affiliation, Complete Postal Address, Telephone Number(s), Email Address(es)

  • Size of Presentations:
    The maximum size for presentations is 20MB (extended).
    The following can minimize the size of your presentation:

    • Do not overload the presentation with information; limit it to 15 – 20 slides
    • Reduce the file size of images like graphs, tables, and pictures before putting these into your presentation. Use jpeg format for images rather than tiff format

Please note that the Congress organizers cannot guarantee the speed, accessibility and reliability of Internet connections. Authors are advised to capture web pages in advance and incorporate them as a slide, or to present them in a handout.

Technical Information


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