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The President of the Scientific and Organizing Committee of the XV International Numismatic Congress


The ancient cities of Sicily were some of the first to mint from Greek to Spanish coins. Today Sicily can boast a large number of rich coin collections:  the most important and well known are those of the Archaeological Museum P. Orsi of Syracuse and A. Salinas of Palermo, but there are numismatic collections in the Museums of Agrigento, Caltanissetta, Catania, Enna, Gela, Messina, and in other twenty minor Museums and Antiquaria of Sicily.

These collections reflect local coin circulation over two thousand years, as a mirror of the expansion and territory control policies, but also a means of integration among different cultures living in the same island.

The organisation of the International Numismatic Congress in Sicily represented an important incentive for the Regional Authorities to promote our numismatic heritage and to ensure also a future for the young numismatic scholars.

The logo of a winged triskelés for the Congress is reminiscent of a bronze coin of Syracuse, minted by Agathokles at the end of the IV century BC. Even if it reminds of Sicilian Trinacria our aim is that the image of the three legs can suggest a dynamic movement towards the acknowledgement of the coin as a witness of historical events and cultural landscapes.